Welcome to my Internet-home! I'm Tini, and I'm a German illustrator and artist with a Norwegian twist, so to speak, as I spent half my life living in Norway. My illustrations are a colorful blend of hand-drawn sketches with a digital finish, and my work mainly revolves around, and is inspired by, my love for music, animals, as well as childhood dreams, memories and all the other little moments that define a little German.


The name Tini is actually a nickname. My real name is Christina, but my dad used to call me Tini (pronounced Tee-nee) when I was just a little kiddo roaming the countryside in Southern Germany, and the name just stuck with me. Also, I'm not one of the tallest human beings you'll ever encounter, so the name Tini, with a proper English pronounciation, actually fits quite well. As an illustrator I'm self-taught, which means that the learning process doesn't ever seem to stop, and to be honest, that's half the fun! The media I use vary a bit from pencil to brush pen to gouache and wax crayons, but my work is finalized using digital tools like Photoshop and a drawing pad.