Welcome to my Internet-home! I'm Tini, and I'm a German illustrator and artist with a Norwegian twist, so to speak, as I've spent 18 years living in Norway. My illustrations are a colorful blend of hand-drawn sketches with a digital finish, and my work mainly revolves around, and is inspired by my love for music, animals, nature and my "Drinnie"-head-space. As an illustrator I'm self-taught, which means that the learning process doesn't ever stop, and to be honest, that's half the fun! The media I use are manly crayons, an ink brush pen, a regular pencil and sometimes a felt pen, but my work is finalized using digital tools like Photoshop and a drawing pad.


he name Tini is actually a nickname. My real name is Christina, but my dad used to call me Tini (pronounced Tee-nee) when I was just a little kiddo roaming the countryside in Southern Germany, and the name just stuck with me. Also, I'm not one of the tallest human beings you'll ever encounter, so the name Tini, with a proper English pronounciation, actually fits quite well. My favourite colour is orange, my favourite food is ravioli with tomato sauce and lots of parmesan cheese. I like watching "Columbo" and "Murder, She Wrote" and I nap whenever I feel overwhelmed. If you want to know more, you can find me on Twitter.


If you want to collaborate, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at hallo[at]tinimalitius.com or contact my Reps at Auserlesen Ausgezeichnet.

If you just want to chat, I'm on Instagram and Twitter.


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This is a picture of me, that I shot with an old cellphone. It might be updated soon-ish.


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Mareike Engelke
Mädchenwahn Illustration


Photographer Johanna Besseling
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